Friday, February 13, 2015

Day 2, Cuenca

Day 2 is Day 1 of Carnival - the celebration prior to the 40 days of lent.  It starts today, Thursday the 12th through "Fat Tuesday" next week.  I am still struggling to get acclimated to the 8,300 feet altitude 24/7.  I am sure it is because of age and lack of excellent conditioning. In 1986, just after retiring as a very good triathlete and weighing 60 fewer pounds I adapted in 24 hours to the much greater altitudes of Cuzco and Machu Pichu Peru.  The weather here is unsurpassed. For me t-shirt weather. For most gringos, light sweaters. For the locals, coat and scarf.  Highs are breezy near 70F. Lows are breezy and near 50F.  It has so far only rained late at night. Breakfast pancakes and bacon with honey - no syrup here.  Then, we went to the market [photo]  to buy yeast (for bread) and pintos (for frijoles refritos).  On the way out I saw something new. [Photo]  This is a fire in a metal pan with prongs up to hold a pan not umlike a wok, with food cooking in the pan and the whole process wrapped in a STRAW basket to keep the heat in and wind out! Then to an internet cafe to print out pages for Donna's work since the charging cable is broken.  Big lunch at a tapas restaurant, thrn home for a nap. 3p went out to the central square for drinks with Nancy, Stephen and Mariah who been emailing us info to Waleska.  The new cathedral is beautiful [photo]. Dinner was chicken curry. Later we returned to the central square for the start of carnival, then home for a Netflix movie and to sleep.

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