Saturday, February 14, 2015

Day 4 - Happy Valentines Day 2015

Valentine's Day!  It surely is enveloping having The Best Wife.  Laughs and adventures, love and joy, at every turn. Today, she had to work: the charging cord on her Asus tablet broke so she went to the internet cafe to do her work.  While she was gone, I made a picnic: chicken salad sandwiches made from chicken and flour+.  We walked a couple of miles down to the river.  Because it's Valentines Day, FS stayed at home.  Donna and I pitched our double hammock and took a nap before eating our lunch: [photos]  Then we went to a museum of the Incas - just so-so - and came home to more chicken salad, vegatable soup, and lots of fresh strawberries.

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