Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Day one, Cuenca Ecuador

We arrived last night at 8p after a 55 min flight from Quito. We decided to fly for $80 each instead of a 9 hour bus ride for $8 each because we have an 8 hour bus ride when we leave here for Baños and it gave us most of an extra day in Quito. On the way in, Flat Stanley almost got airsick but he recovered to be featured in a photo.  We also saw a snow-covered volcano. Photo. I saw and photographed the same volcano - except it was erupting - in my last flight out of Quito headed to Machu Pichu in Peru.  Photo.

Our apartment is about average, 1 story up on a side street 50 feet from a major road so it's noisy, but the location is good and FS is behaving. We took him on a tour of Cuenca today.  Photo.  The tour went up on a mountain nearby and we were able to take a nice photo of the city.  Photo.  Ok, so you can't see the city for us. Donna took a nice photo. See her blog. Took a nap!

Afterwards we went to the market. Fresh veggies and fruits are 40% or so of the US cost.  [We bought everything else at the supermarket where we spent $88 for what would have cost $55 at home. Everything is significantly higher than the USA at the supermarket: bread, butter, chicken, bacon, paper products, wine... everything.
Spaghetti with avocados, local cheese, wine for dinner.

Netflix works here.  So we are going to watch a movie now, go to sleep, and start fresh tomorrow.

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