Sunday, April 6, 2014

Adieu Paris!

So I packed this morning and headed out. But first I took photos with two of my three roomies for the past 5-6 days. [Photos] "Mika" from Tokyo and "Mariana" from Prague.  Since I'm meeting Donna at our apartment tomorrow and since Mariana is coming home tomorrow, I invited her to come have dinner with us. Perhaps she will.

On to the superb Paris transport system, which, on my pass, whisked me from the hostel to the airport in 40 minutes: 45 minutes before check in begins.

I've been 2 weeks+ with Rollin and Trevor & Eleanor and 1week- alone. Now for the best part: Donna arrives tomorrow.  I wonder if she is resting now. It's 6a in Atlanta as I sit in Paris at CDG.   I imagine that she will soon be in the car with Megan headed toward the airport as her flight takes off at 9:45a.  Atlanta to Moscow to Prague and me. She arrives tomorrow at noon. I'm way past ready!

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