Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Great Expectations... exceeded

Wow! What a couple of hours!  Donna was still jet lagged and I'm still twinging from my couple of hours of Frisbee in Paris so we got a late start after I returned from getting our clean laundry (10 lbs $14) and fixed pancakes with honey (can't find syrup) and sausage for breakfast.

Off to the castle and cathedral. Photos!  And on the way home: zombies!

Prague, like my favorite city (Paris) has friendly people, beautiful architecture, amazing cathedrals, great Spring weather, excellent public transportation. The signage being in a language I don't know using an alphabet strange to me and pronounced differently than you would think just makes it different: neither bad nor good to me.  The people in Prague look a lot like the people in the USA while the people in Paris - both from a better sense of style and a different genome - are (to me) more beautiful. I like to cook. I like to experiment with cooking. Paris is a gastronomic extravaganza unique in the world. Prague has a ways to go to get up to average. We are halfway through our week here - and a week seems about right for Prague. At least a year for Paris. But Prague is nice. I'm glad we are here. I've been a lot of places that hold nothing for me (e.g. Belfast).  Compared to them, Prague IS Paris. 

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