Wednesday, April 23, 2014


"Salzburg" means "City of Salt".  3,000 years ago mankind found "white gold" in the mountain behind Salzberg. I came here first in 1965 and then down into the mine in 1973 when the mine was still operating. Six people with one guide used the actual slides the miners used and we wore heavy gloves to slow our rapid descent. 41 years later the 3,000 year old mine operates no more except to transport 40+ tourists at a time on new slides with slower speeds,gravity stop, and no guide in front. But still fun. Photo. 

OK, so I'm a guy who doesn't like palace gardens.  With the exception of Tivoli in Copenhagen and Tuileries in Paris: boring. Add one more to the definitely-un-boring list: Mirabelle Gardens, Salzburg in April. 4 Photos.

In fact, Salzburg in April is - at times - a big garden. 3 Photos: 

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