Sunday, April 6, 2014


Took Easy jet from Paris to Prague and it was easy.  Pretty city.  Found the apartment with no problem. Pretty, great location, but terribly equipped as an apartment - great for a hotel. No oven. No cooking knives. One wine glass. Two coffee cups. No mixing bowls. No cooking utensils. No toaster. No sponges. No can opener. Only two small kitchen towels. Only two bath towels. Etc. So, I dropped off one of our cards [photo] and a list of what we need. The landlord quickly provided them. 

Last night I went out exploring. First stop was at a little fair. No English, French or Spanish so I ordered a meat pie. Powdered sugar was added. Only then did I discover that it was apple pie!  Next, a sausage in a bun. I discovered that the mustard (yellow plastic squeeze bottle) was horseradish!  Finally, I bought a pretzel on the square only to find it was a cinnamon roll. LOL Welcome to travel ina foreign country where many ddon't speak English and the alphabet is far different from ours. I took a photo of a sign in the bus. I then recorded the recording in the bus pronouncing it. Unfortunately, blogspot won't let me add an audio file (or I have not figured out how to do so) so, if interested, send me a message. 

I took the LONG escalator ride down to the subway [photo]. Eight or so drunk Germans got on ahead of me and one decided to slide down the hand-rail!  He got about 100 yards down the escalator when he fell in on the steps going about 35 mph, bounced 4-5 times, got up and took a photo!

So now I'm back at the airport waiting on Donna's flight from Moscow, red roses in hand. [Photo].  She made it. Here we are walking in Prague. 

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