Thursday, April 3, 2014

And now... an unusual usual day

That is part of the charm of Paris: what is most common is to be surprised. Now many nose-in-the-air pseudo-sophisticates pretend to be aghast at Paris: it does not conform. Not to WASP standards, or to any others. So today began as a usual day: breakfast, laundry, pleasant hosteliers. Then off to the Louvre, on the way to which I was propositioned in French by 2 "mature" women for €12!  I shook my head but handed them €2 and walked on to my train. Perhaps they need the € more than I.   Anyhow, an unusual usual morning so far. As I write this, 2 stops to the Louvre. No telling what will happen between Etiene Marcel and Chatelet.  Ah, Paris!

So, I arrived at Chatelet at noon. As I was about to get off the train I saw that in 3 more stops was Odeon. Donna and my favorite salad place is at Odeon so I went where she and I go, sat at "our" corner table [photo] and ordered our favorite: Salad Nicoise. And a double expreso.  [photo]

But, since I was not very hungry, eating most of that made me sleepy so I'm headed back to the hostel for a nap. The Louvre will be there tomorrow!  A usual unusual day.

So I decided to watch a show with a guy from NYC talking about living in Paris but when I got here I found out he doesn't work on Thursday. So, instead, Sarah from Nawth Carolina was on instead. I could come back but Sarah is from Nawth Carolina so she doesn't have much of an accent! The show was 3 female comediennes plus an audience of Jim from Canada and me. Price was €10 and included a free Scotch. Then went to a movie. All in French so watched 47 Ronin - again. Then home on the Metro

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