Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weather problems!

I headed to the Louvre this morning. Woke up at 8:50a. Showered, shaved, had breakfast, crossed Paris, entered the Louvre at 9:30a. Spent a couple of hours in the Greek antiquities section. I usually stay in the Egyptian antiquities section but today I branched out. It seems that most of this marble statuary are beautiful copies - still 2,200 years old! - of Greek originals made in wood, terra cotta, or bronze. Most of the originals are gone - decayed or melted down and reused. [Photos]. But the Louvre has windows so I could not help noticing the beautiful day unfolding outside. Finally, the problem of the awesome weather overwhelmed me. I went outside, strolled the Tuileries [photos] took the Metro home, changed onto my only pair of shorts, took the Metro to our other favorite Sri Lankan restaurant: Chettinadu, and had a feast before heading out to Parque Vincennes to try again with the Frisbee.   I've eaten at this restaurant now 3x. The clientelle is all Sri Lankan and they all always stare at me, or Donna and me, as if we were Martians.  They are friendly but seem astounded at our/my presence. Not the waiters, just the clientelle.

So having feasted I went on to play Frisbee at the Parq Floral with a couple of Arabic guys. [Photo]

Then only a full sugar Coca Cola could enable me to get home. The choice was then a massage (€40) or a nap followed by a long, hot shower (€0) so the nap and shower were great!  I headed out at 9p for dinner and went to our local pizzeria. [photo]

And, I made a last walk this trip up Montmartre to see the Plus Belle Cite en le monde! [Photos]

If I am aware in the moments before my death I will be excited and eager to the pending embrace of my Savior but I will have regrets too. I know I will wish I had told Donna and our children that I love them more times than I will have. Sailing again won't be on the list. Neither will be attending church again. But at or near the bottom of the list - and thus only of some significance - will be no more visits to this amazing place! [photos]

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