Monday, April 21, 2014

Tears for us

For a week+ in Praha, the weather was amazing. All the way to the train station it was fine. As we opened the train car door to board, the skies opened, down came the rain, and we dashed up the 3 steps with only a few drops hitting us. It seemed our friend Praha was weeping for our departure. 

Turns out the tears were for us - for the problems we were going to confront on our way to Salzberg: two broken trains, and a 12 hour trip - much of it standing, packed in like sardines. Donna's blog tells the story
Then we arrived in Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden - as beautiful a place as I remembered from my two previous trips. Dan and Kim arrived and we decided to rent a car for a week - which turned out to be a Mercedes. That brought back great memories from April 1965 - 49 years ago - when Mom, Dad, and I travelled through here in a Mercedes.
Thanks, Mom & Dad for that trip!  Thanks, Donna, for this one!

So we headed out to see the Werfen Ice Cave - which I visited with my 1st wife in out VW camper in 1973 [photos] It was closed.

So, we headed out the next day to see Hitler's Eagle's Nest - a mountaintop resort built for his 50th birthday present by his 2nd in command.  [Photo] But we couldn't get there: it was closed!  It seems the open season begins May 1.

After an awesome lunch, we headed over to the Salt Mines at "Bad Durreburg" - that's the name of the village. It was open and we had great fun exploring the mine and sliding down the slides where the miners had slid between layers. It had been used as a mine for 2, 500 years! [Photo]

We continue to struggle with an almost complete lack of internet - it just doesn't work most of the time. But it's great having Dan and Kim along and we are having fun times in this beautiful spot.

Good Friday - the day my Savior died for me. To be continued...

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