Sunday, April 13, 2014

Out of Praha

The other day we tried to exit a room but the door was blocked by a young woman. So I said "Ausfahrt, bitte" ("exit please" in German), no response. "Sortie, si'l vous plait" (French); "Salida, por favor" (Spanish); then "exit, please", none of which she understood (maybe the one non-bilingual Czech?),  before my hand-signals caused her to clear the way.

Today we exited Praha with no difficulty to take the train 40km to Konopiste Castle, a 700 year old castle last owned by Archduke Ferdinand, an apostle of peace, whose assassination in 1914 in Sarajevo, Bosnia was the excuse Kaiser Wilhelm used to start WW1.  ADF was a great hunter who, including his round-the-world hunting expedition, killed 300,000 animals. It seemed that he had most of them mounted. The castle, presented as it was in 1907, was a warehouse of stuffed animals and weapons of war. Photos were prohibited. The castle is a mile and a half from the train station so we walked both ways, following markers [photo]

We returned home, cleaned up, and went out to our small neighborhood restaurant - where the people at every other table were smoking!  Yuk!!!  I had a 500 gram piece of pork (apparently a knee) which had about 100 g of meat but was delicious - best meal so far for me.

Back home to sleep.

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