Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tramming Praha

Rick Steve's says - but we discovered before we read it - that Tram Route 22 goes everywhere we want to go and picks us up 2 blocks from our apartment. It goes one way to Tesco where I get our groceries and one way around all of the tourist areas. I managed to lose my blog entry from yesterday so see Donna's blog for then. But we did see many places [example: photo 1] of where the un-restored pre-Communist construction (which was ubiquitous when I was here in 1973) was connected to Communist restored structures and pre-Communist restored structures. What an amazing transformation in 41 years: drab sooty grey to a cacophony of color, from no one speaks English to everyone under 30 does, the food still lags a bit, but a 95% improvement! In five more years.... we will have to come back to see!

We rode over to Wincelas Square [photos 2&3] and took a picture of the big national museum there. And stopped for an expresso and a hot chocolate at a cafe on the square [photo]

Today (Friday Apr 11, 2014) is a day of perfect weather (highs around 60, clear, light breeze). We noted that we left at 11a today - a full hour earlier than our previous days as Donna has recovered from her jet lag.
We went first to Old Town at the river. From there we explored the old Jewish quarter [photo out of order after paddle boat], rented a paddle boat in the river (pedals WAY too short for us so we came back after 20 minutes) [photos] walked through some more beautiful streets [photos] then across Charles Bridge, took a tram to a funicular to the top of the highest hill around Praha. [Photos].  [I'm adding more photos now because my kids at Hasty have asked for more; I have not heard yet from my kids from Canton. ]

Then back home on - of course - Tram 22. Photo.

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