Monday, October 7, 2013

A day off

Throughout our world adventures, we find it helpful to take a day off. That was today. We went to see a great manor house, but it was closed. So we ate lunch, bought groceries, and came home. Today's plunder is English Sausages, hickory smoked bacon, maple smoked bacon, Gruyere cheese, Yorktown --- cheese, Italian olives, Spanish Rioja wine, cabbage, apple and raspberry pie. Ice cream to come. Rough life!

We bought the meat at a family butcher (since 1860) in the town of Long ________.  We just had the sausage with dinner. It was £7.70/kg which is - roughly -$5/lb.  In all my travels this is the best quality pork I have ever encountered. The butcher said they raised their own pigs. Wow!  I can't wait to try the bacon in the morning. 

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