Friday, October 18, 2013

Today, see Donna's blog

I'm tired and need to start dinner.  BIG day tomorrow!

PS. Dinner is a bottle of Tuscan Terenzi from 2010 - very good! and €3.90 (but we will save half so 1.95); Cacio Stag. Cotta del Tuff cheese (1/3rd lb €1.54); Italian fresh baguette €1; 6 pieces of cut up curry chicken (€4.5), steamed fresh broccoli (1/2 of stalk - €2), and whole grain rice (€.3). Dinner: €10.79 or $US 14! A complete pig-out feast!

PPS.  Our apartment has two enclosed porches. One has a closet with a washer but no dryer so my Bella Donna (!) has our laundry washed and - like a good Italian wife - has it hung out on one porch to dry. 

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