Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Here we are at The Bull

which is a pub here in Woolpit.  Pubs in England are where the locals go out to eat dinner. There is usually good food ("pub grub"), and a bar.  They are mostly populated by guys - here a team of dart players warming up at 6:30p for the big dart match in Stowmarket, a village about 20 minutes away. So they explained go us the scoring . A really good toss is 20, bullseye is 50, and a tiny rectangle above the bullseye is 60. When they left, I challenged Donna to this game neither of us had played.  Two darts each. She walked up, casually threw her first - 60 points.  I lay down my 2 and conceded: another sport in which I can't compete!

Today Robert and I went looking at his boats - I left my phone/camera in the car until I was sure I wouldn't go for a swim!  So no pictures.  Robert has a 21' wooden cutter sailboat made in 1937 and recently restored, on a mooring on the River Orwell and both a 27' wooden Irish sloop sailboat and a 37' fiberglass Beneteau on his dock on another river 30 mikes north. Driving through the English countryside here in SE England looks just like The Shire in Lord of the Rings! 

Robert collects cars and has a beautiful collection but his insurance company would not let us drive them so he borrowed a Mercedes Benz diesel station wagon and insured it for us. 

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