Sunday, October 6, 2013

Let's build a wall

Emperor Hadrian, 121 AD: "Hey, Cassius, lets build a wall."
Cassius: "OK, boss, you want a nice garden here in Rome?"
Hadrian: "No, I want you to walk 1,000 miles north with the entire 10th Legion, build a fleet of ships and cross [the English Channel], march 400 miles further north to the end of the known world, engage the armies of the Picts - the only armies we have never beaten - and while you are fighting them I want part of your army to build a wall 20' high, 25' wide, from the east coast of Britain to the west coast. Build a fort every mile along the wall and two watch towers between each fort."
Cassius: {{why me?}} "On my way, boss"

So, that's not exactly what was said, but is exactly what was done 1,900 years ago. Hadrian's Wall.  The Brits have knocked down parts of it for materials to build houses, have built highways upon parts of it, but it was so huge there are lots of it left.

I've uploaded two short videos of it - addressed to the kids at Hasty and Canton Elementary Schools but perhaps interesting to anyone. Just download the videos from these links. The links are:


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