Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ancient Roman fort; modern sailing yachts

This morning I got up, fixed breakfast, and walked over to Woolpit Primary to run a speed test on their WiFi after running a connectivity test with both Georgia Elementary schools last night.  Everything looks set for our 1p and 2p (GMT) Skypes tomorrow.

Then I walked back home and we headed out for the Roman ruins at Burgh Castle. On the way we stopped for coffee and hot chocolate and discovered delightful Bungay - a 900 year old town preparing for a 9 day festival starting tomorrow.

Then off to the Roman ruins of an 1800 year old fort, designed to hold 500 Roman cavalry, who protected the Roman trade routes from Nordic and Germanic raiders. Falling sea levels long ago plus siltation has filled in the bay the fort once protected, but the troops sent to this fort from Rome truly were going to the end of the world .

After that we stopped in Lowestaff for lunch and then on to show Donna two of Robert's boats. The one you can see in this picture is a 37' and behind it is a 27'. We ducked under the blue Bimini just as it began to rain, so I could not get a photo of the 27.  I'm probably not going to take either one out as the only place to sail is the North Sea and Donna is not (yet) an experienced sailor.  Perhaps next week - in good weather - we'll take out the 21' on the River Orwell.

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