Wednesday, October 16, 2013


What would you call Florence on a day in mid October when the tourists are gone, the sky is blue flecked with puffy white accents, there is a light breeze, the temperature is 80 and it's in ITALY!  I'd call it "Belle Firenze!". Our apartment is awesome!  8 blocks from the Duomo, and most of the "must-sees" are on our side of the Duomo. We have a ground floor apartment so no 4 flights of stairs like in Paris (but we did get used to it).  We've paid for our month - the add-ons brought it up to $1500 for a month. A bargain indeed!  Thanks Donna for finding it!  One block away is the Michaelangelo School of Language and Culture is one block away. We are taking a tour of Sienna with them this Sunday and next Sunday we go to Perugia for the Chocolate Festival!!!

We got here with no Euros. We told the Bank of America that we were going to Florence.  I guess we should have said Firenze - Italian for Florence. Because Bank of America blocked our ATM only hours before the landlord showed up for the rent. After two calls to America, Donna got it worked out and she was able to get € from her account!

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