Friday, October 25, 2013

Pea soup and hot chocolate

Perugia. Oct 25, 2013 A delightful surprise!  The tour books all say there are trains on from Florence to Perugia. However, trenitalia does not know that. It says "no solution" on any day to go from Florence to Perugia. But one guidebook says the first train is at 8:10a so we got up at 6:30 (my pancake attempt worked better today than the disaster yesterday) and left at 7:30. There was a train at 8:02 on trenitalia and returns at 1:39p and 3:39p. So off we went on a 2:30 train ride, not knowing what to expect. We arrived on schedule in a thick fog, bought our bus tickets - it's a long way (and all uphill) to the ancient center of Perugia.  As we worked our way up the hill on the bus, we emerged from the fog into a clear day, a beautiful old town, and more chocolate than we could eat (and we ate a lot!) for €5 each.

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