Thursday, October 17, 2013

Every round goes: higher, higher

Yesterday Donna took a photo of me in front of a copy of Michaelango's "Doors of Paradise" which, until a flood in 1966, were on the chapel outside the Duomo in Florence.  Then along that year a big flood came and washed them away. They were found and put in a museum. So we bought a 10€ ticket good for 24 hours at lots  of tourist attractions in town. My plan here is to post 3 photos. One is of me in front of the copy in October 2013. One is of the original - polished - in the museum. And one is of me, in April 1965, in front of the unpolished original on the chapel.

So, we had this ticket, good until noon and we decided to use it.  So, we climbed 415 steps to the top of the bell tower, winding narrow stonestaircase from 500 years ago.  Then we climbed 465 steps to the top of the cupola.  The views, on this spectacular day, were amazing!  Then we went into the crypt below the Duomo.  Our ticket expired as we climbed out: 900 steps up, 900 down.  Then 8 blocks back to the apartment to rest!

After a brief rest at the apartment (we rode the C2 bus) we headed out to go to see David  . Out the front door and left. Except I led us out the front door and right (fatigue?) and so we did not get to David. Instead we walked (3 mi?) to and along the river then to Santa Croce and home. 

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