Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Today, October 15, 2013 Donna and I are transitioning from Woolpit England to Florence Italy via Zurich Switzerland.  We left Woolpit at 6:30a on what was all three of the following: the longest taxi ride of my life, the most expensive taxi ride of my life, and a fabulous deal. First, the length. By leaving so early and driving fast we made it in two hours and ten minutes. About 100 miles. Most expensive: £135=$250. Best deal. Alternative was to take the bus £4.40 to the train £110 to another train £25 to a hotel £200 and dinner £80 then a shuttle to the airport. So we saved time and £170 minus dinner in Woolpit £40 so it was a great deal. Most everything in England is more expensive than in the US. I remember when the opposite was true but our government has flooded the world with printed money, driving down the value (aka inflation). The only things in England less expensive are the most basic things: common veggies and a pint at the pub. As I write this we are in a 3 hour layover in Zurich. [Note to self: for multi-city stops in Europe buy tickets from US to entry city and departure city to US but buy inter-Europe tickets on the ultra cheap non-stops within Europe.]. Switzerland has always been expensive. I bought a diet coke (12 oz) -$6 - and a 3 oz box of chocolate macaroons - $16 - for Donna while we wait. Wow!

You may have seen the question for the classes at Hasty and Canton in the entry "revilluG". Canton has a winner. Here are two of the three pics.

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