Monday, October 7, 2013

What's in a name?

Here, in the land of the Engs, there are places and roads with very strange names. I thought to capture some of them when we chose to avoid lunch at a nice looking place called The Eat-In because it was in the village of "Sicklesmear". Other places nearby: Great Finborough, Buxhatt, Poystreet Green, Drinkstone, Thurston Planche, Newhall Covert, Pakenham, Ixworth, Badwell Ash, Grimstone End, Wyverstone, Gipping, Stowupland, Wetherden, Hadleigh, Monks Eleigh, Shimpling, Ringshall Stocks, Wattisham.... you get the idea: they have many words we have never heard of!

Then there are places you have heard of: York - the old one, Washington - the original one, Jersey - not New, Birmingham, Newton, Newark ....

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