Thursday, October 10, 2013

Roll Tide!

We went out to see Robert's 3rd boat Tuesday. "Briar" is a 1937 21' wooden Irish sloop on a mooring near Woolverstone. The photos were taken on her camera, so check her blog for them ( We were careful to check the tide table as Robert said we needed to be back to land by 2 hours after high tide.  What we did not know is that high tide here is nearly 30 minutes later than at the harbor mouth - which the chart lists - AND the chart did not adjust for summer time. So we returned at 3p - high tide was listed as "13:31".  The road out was underwater. So, time for a beer.

Wednesday we went back to Long Melton to see one of the manor houses there (hey kids - what is that by my foot?), to get more of the awesome sausage from the butcher, to have another sandwich from Malcomb's sandwich shop, then come home for a short walk before dinner. Tonight was the once-a-month community get together for English folk songs at the Bull. So Donna and I invited Terry and Lynn (see Donna's blog on them), Terry came, Malcomb happened in, and we missed the singing for solving all the world's problems! ;)

The thing by my foot is a fungus growing in the rich English soil.

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