Sunday, October 27, 2013

Trifling with truffles

After an exhaustingly hot day in Rome yesterday, today it's mid-70s in Florence. Sunday church services in English are nearby at 6:30p. So early afternoon we made a quick trip to The Barbarian (the name of the local grocery store is "Conan"), came back to have truffles on baked crackers with Chianti from nearby Fiesole while we wait for mid-afternoon lunch to be ready. We are having chicken-longino which (today) means meat from three large thighs cooked with tomatoes, onions, zuchinis, oregano, salt and pepper plus pasta with homemade cheese sauce and, of course, Chianti (the giant bottle was €4.80 and the small bottle was €4:40, so guess which we bought!).  Appetiser is truffles and olives on baked crackers with a bit of the fruit of the vine!

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